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NPS Area 15 Points Awards

NPS Area 15 Points Competition 2022

In Hand - Points for pony with same owner throughout (Handler may change).

Ridden - Points for pony with same owner throughout. (Rider may change)


Points to be awarded as follows:-

Points to NPS Area 15 members in the top 6 placings from 10 events of your choice from:-

  • Any NPS Area Show and any show in Norfolk/Suffolk (affiliated or unaffiliated) - single points

  • Agricultural shows in Norfolk and Suffolk - Suffolk County/Royal Norfolk/South Suffolk/Hadleigh/Aylsham/Wayland – plus NPS Summer Championship show/ NPS Spring Festival - double points

  • NPS Area 15 shows - treble points



  • 1st     10

  • 2nd    8

  • 3rd     6

  • 4th     4

  • 5th     2

  • 6th     1

  • In all sections – Champion + 5 Reserve + 3


And the categories are!


In Hand

  • Riding Pony Breeding NE 148

  • Hunter Pony Breeding NE 153

  • Mountain and Moorland Ponies



  • Riding Ponies/SHP - open – flat and workers –– as per class rules

  • RP/SHP Ponies - Junior flat and workers riders 18 and under before Jan 1st 2022

  • M&M - open – flat and workers

  • Riding Ponies/SHP - Mini

  • M&M - Junior flat and workers riders 18 and under before Jan 1st 2022

  • M&M - Mini LR/FR - ages as per the NPS rule book for LR/FR


NEW MEMBERS AWARD to be awarded to the highest place new member in each category that has joined the NPS for the first time in for 2022


NPS Performance award:

For points awarded in dressage/NPS Event Pony/show jumping

Points may be put forward from 10 shows of your choice. Shows in Norfolk and Suffolk count for double points

NPS Area 15/ NPS Championship show/ NPS Dressage finals – triple points


NPS Area 15 special recognition award - chosen by the committee


Please keep a log of your points and return them to Kate at

Entries close September 30th 2022

PLEASE NOTE - Points forms do not need to be signed, we anticipate that everyone will enter in good faith and in the spirit that these awards are intended. Please note that NPS Area 15 committee reserves the absolute right to check results and to take action if any claims appear erroneous. The decision of the committee in this matter is final.



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